Florian D. Loch
Young, enthusiastic computer scientist and avid software engineer
Personal information
Born 1992 in Germany
A level
Heinrich-Emanual-Merck-Schule, Darmstadt
Technical grammar school, focus on computer science, 'A' level subjects were English and computer science. Graduation diploma: 1.3
B. Sc. in applied computer science
Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg, Karlsruhe
Corporate studies in cooperation with SAP SE.
Title of bachelor thesis: "Implementation of a tool to support browser-based detection of XSS vulnerabilities"
GPA: 1.3
M. Sc. in computer science
Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)
Complementary subject: Law
Extract of content of studies:
  • Lecture "Machine learning I & II"
  • Lecture "Compiler construction and language technology"
  • Practicum "Compiler construction"
  • Practicum "Praxis of multicore programming"
  • Lectures "Security", "Symmetrical cryptography" und "Security in computer networks"
  • Lecture "Processes for analyzing big data"
Title of thesis: "Juturna: Lightweight, Pluggable and Selective Taint Tracking for Java
GPA: 1.3
Work experience
Computer assistance & web design
Self-employed additional business beside school and studies
Corporate study at SAP SE
SAP SE, Walldorf
Corporate study in cooperation with SAP SE, engagement as developer among others in the following areas: CRM development (SAP UI5, ABAP), Internal Tools (AngularJS, Node.js), Transportation Management (HANA XS, HANA DB), Web Security Research (Node.js).
Web security researcher at SAP SE
SAP SE, SAP Innovation Center Karlsruhe
Researching concepts and implementation of technologies to detect and mitigate Cross-Site-Scripting vulnerabilites in web applications during the SAP Master Scholarship. Contributions to various research projects.
Software developer at SAP SE
SAP SE, Walldorf
Working on SAP Data Hub (management, governance, analysis and processing of big data), part of SAP's Big Data strategy (Go, Kubernetes, distributed systems).
Work experience abroad
Three-month internship in China
SAP Labs, Shanghai
Self-organized stay as (optional) part of corporate study program. Developing an import/export component for an application contained in the SAP Transportation Management solution.
Further qualifications
Qualified instructor for IT apprenticeships
Qualified by IHK to instruct IT specialists as part of their apprenticeship
Travel and landscape photography, always chasing the best shot
Explore foreign cultures, countries and dishes
Programming and technology
Programmer with heart und soul, staying up-to-date, Arduino & co., continously optimizing my working environment, see my GitHub account
Technical skills
Node.js + npm, ES6, TypeScript, mocha + chai, Grunt, ...
JS frameworks & libraries
AngularJS, Vue.js, Chart.js, socket.io, jQuery, ...
Frontend design
HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, web security, Pug, LESS, Sass, Bower, ...
Java SE & Java EE, Maven, Hibernate, JUnit, ...
Further languages
Kotlin, Python, Ruby, C++, ShellScript
Databases & key-value-stores
MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, redis, ...
Software engineering
Software architectures and interface design, RESTful-APIs, testing, Clean Code, Scrum & agile methods, requirements engineering...
DevOps & tooling
Linux/UNIX, git, Kubernetes, Helm, Docker, Vagrant, CI & CD, IaaS & PaaS ...
Soft skills
Native speaker
Business fluent
Ability to work in a team
Communication and presentation skills